Prague dedicated servers | - dedicated servers with 10 Gbps ports

Prague Datacenter

We have chosen our locations in the world's largest IX points. Our presence in 3 continents guarantees fast and reliable delivery of your data globally. The usual network response time between servers and end users is 30ms. Let us accommodate your business as well.


Popular as a European base. Great connections to Russia and Turkey.

The central geographical location, presence at a local peering exchange point and interconnections to a wide range of Top Tier carriers makes Prague a popular choice for many of our customers delivering data to both the Eastern and Western markets.

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Prague DC
Prague Datacenter
TTC Teleport Telehouse
Tiskarska 10
11000 Prague
Czech Republic
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Carriers available:

Cogent, Core-Backbone, GTT, M247, Level 3

What will you get with every order?

Robust network with 5Tbps+ capacity

10 GE dedicated port with every server

Custom hardware available

1 month prepaid - no further commitments

Setup within 8 hours

24/7 network monitoring for top performance

Server performance monitoring within our client panel

5x IPv4 addresses

Test IP addresses

  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Prague
  • Stockholm
  • Vienna
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Moscow
  • New York
  • Singapore
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