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Maintaining the best network efficiency is our No.1 focus and for that, a diverse, multihomed network is crucial. We’ve just added Level 3 as our 6th carrier provider, ensuring increased redundancy and network speed.

We have upgraded the core routers across our EU & US locations and established 100GB upstream port connections with our carrier providers. That means enough reserved capacity for any of your traffic.

We’ve redesigned our pricing page and included a section with discounted bundle pricing. If you’re looking for multiple servers with 10Gbps bandwidth, be sure to browse the offers!

We’ve added a new Tier 1 bandwidth carrier provider, Level 3 to our upstream network blend. The new partnership enables us to extend our global network reach and deliver data to your end users with more efficiency.

Network capacity worldwide has now been increased to 2,5Tbps. That means plenty of bandwidth for your most demanding applications on servers able to handle any of your unexpected peaks.

We’ve just set up new racks in Amstedam and Frankfurt and filled them with brand new E5 CPU servers. We’ve also increased our network capacity at all of our locations across EU & US.

We have opened a new strategic location for you. Starting today you can order a dedicated server in Vienna, which is ideal for delivering local traffic acriss Austria and to the Balkan.

We’ve updated our client panel with new features. You can now view performance graphs of your hardware over time.

This years second location opening is here! Our 12th POP is Madrid and it is ideal for delivering local traffic across Spain and to Portugal. Take advantage of our superb connections to Telefonica De España, France Telecom and Vodafone and reach your local end users faster.

We’ve sent our network guru to LA & Chicago to upgrade the core switches of our network backbone. New Arista switches with 100GE port connections are now installed and ready to deliver your traffic across US and Canada!

First of the new promised locations is ready for you. Order a dedicated server in New York today for great connections all over the East Coast and to Canada. Next Stop? Hola Madrid!

It’s the time of the year again where everyone is making New Year’s resolutions. We’re working hard on expanding our worldwide footprint and to continue delivering exceptional service to you. We won’t give out anything specific just yet, but here are some hints. 3 new DC locations worldwide, additional PNIs for maximum routing efficiency, CPU upgrades for our servers and more! We thank you for all your support during 2016 and we’re looking forward to our further cooperation in 2017!

Festive season is at full speed and we continue to  modernize our network day by day. We have upgraded our core routers and added network capacity globally to ensure the highest possible network efficiency. Happy holidays!

We have added new servers to all of our locations. As the demand for large volume SSD storage is growing we now offer 1TB SSD storage as a standard at all of our locations.

Location number 9 is open! Servers with 10Gbps ports are now available in Stockholm. Enjoy all the benefits of local peerings and connection to Netnod IX for fast and reliable delivery of data across Scandinavia and to Russia.

The wait is over! We have extended our network infrastructure in the US and opened a new DC location in Chicago. And we’re not stopping 🙂 A new location is being prepared to open next month. Watch our news for updates!

We have an anniversary! It’s been two years since launching and what better way to celebrate than opening a new datacenter location for you in London!

A new continent has been conquered! Starting today you can order servers at our Singapore location that serves as an ideal point for delivering data across the APAC region.

Who doesn’t love a challenge? One of our client’s has recently sent us a request to deliver an infrastructure with 550Gbps streaming capacity. In 48 hours!! Read more on how it was done here. Do you have a similar request? Send us an inquiry!

A new record was set today – we have reached a peak of 514Gbps today – Woohoo! Next stop? 1Tbps of daily traffic flow and 2Tbps network capacity.